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School Ponytails

It's no surprise: I'm a huge fan of perfectly matched school uniforms. 

In fact, it was my own daughter's need for a very specific colour of bow that gave me the idea for my School Ponytails brand.

After manufacturing a small amount for my daughter and her friends, it dawned on me that every school in Australia should be able to supply students with co-ordinating accessories. If they couldn't have them on hand in their Uniform Shop, there was a huge potential for the school's P&C to Fundraise with Bows! 

My primary aims were to ensure the products were of a high quality, so that schools would be proud to support us.

I also needed to keep the retail prices affordable, so we were a great option for families.

I had to do whatever I could to maximise the profits for schools, and minimise the effort put on their volunteer community nationally.

We've gone on to become Australia's best choice for school uniform and sports accessories, and proudly supply hundreds of schools and thousands of shoppers nationwide through our online store, and in a wholesale capacity. We deliver on these goals every day, whether it's to a school, sports club, or community group.

-Nicola, CEO and Founder of award-winning company School Ponytails, and program: Fundraise with Bows
  • 1. Choose your Colours

    Choose from our huge range of in-stock colours and styles.

    If you can't find your colours, we can customise from our range of 190 ribbon shades.

    We have Australia's largest range of in-stock colours and styles, so you're sure to find a match!

  • 2. Choose your Styles

    Choose your styles, colours, and quantities, and we'll prepare your order.

    OR Simply choose a Spinner Display from our range to suit your available space and product range requirements. They're fully customisable, or can be purchased as is.

    Some of our most successful stockist schools have stands in the Uniform Shop AND the Admin Office! 

  • 3. Ready for Sale!

    School Ponytails products arrive ready for sale:

    • Priced
    • Tagged/Labelled
    • Chrome Spinner Displays available (with Price List)

  • 4. Top-up Online

    Top-ups are easy when you go through your Wholesale Account... or just send us an email or call with the details of your order.

    Unlike other suppliers, the minimum order quantity is only 10 units per style on your opening order, and there's no minimum on on top-ups.


    Capture sales from Online - earning 20% - AND your Uniform Shop - earning 25%!

    How? We'll create a page on our website that's just for YOUR school, with YOUR colours and range visible.

    We provide a shoppable link for parents to purchase through, and a special fundraising code.

    There's also a scannable QR code!

    Shoppers can access PayPal and AfterPay, and our full range in YOUR uniform colours.

    It's handy for those that struggle to get in to the Uniform Shop to make a purchase, and for times when they'd like something in your colours, that you don't have on hand (like coloured zinc for your Athletics Carnival!).

    At the end of term, we tally the online sales made through your fundraising code, and send back 20%*!


    As Australia's best One-Stop-Shop for Sports Day, we're in-stock on House / Faction coloured items, like zinc, pom poms, hair spray, kids’ sunglasses, sweatbands and some great rainbow options for your Colour Run!

    We highlight the opportunities that the major school events on your calendar provide (think about Photo Day, Kindy Orientation, and Back to School too!) and you can choose to encourage parents to Pre-Order Online (or on Order Forms).

    The huge benefit here: there's NO out-of-pocket expense to your school or P&C!

Our Guarantee

When you work with School Ponytails, you're working with a registered company, that's fully insured. Our Distribution Centre is located in Western Australia and ships nationally, daily.

If there's ever a faulty product in your delivery, we guarantee we'll make it right. It doesn't happen often, but we always fix it!

There is never a locked in contract with School Ponytails.

We want to keep the lives of your volunteers as simple as possible. Our fundraisers are simple, and don't need to be over-complicated.

Please just email if you ever have a question.

School Ponytails

Frequently Asked Questions

We're ready to become stockists. What next?

Great! Select the size/type of display, and let us know if you have any style specifications (or you can just trust us to give you the best sellers), and we can have your stand ready in no time.

OR Send us a list of the styles, colours, and quantities you'd like, and we'll get your order prepared!

If we don't currently have your two-colour combination on hand, we'll put it in to production for you. This can take 4-8 weeks (we'd rather over-estimate the time than under-estimate!).

We'll ship the stock (and stand, if applicable) to you, and provide everything labelled, priced, and ready for sale. Stockists earn 25% from the sale of School Ponytails products.

I can't see our uniform colours online. Can you do them?

Of course!

We're in-stock in a huge number of colours and 2-4 colour combinations.

If we aren't currently in-stock in your specific shade/s, we can manufacture these with Pre-Orders or with Stockist Orders. 

How do I top up our school display?

The simplest way is to have a wholesale account for our website. You can then log in and order the products you require via our "quick order" forms, and we pick and pack them ASAP.

Alternatively, you can email or call/SMS 0415 245 055 to chat directly to Nicola about your order.  

My P&C Committee will need to discuss and vote on this. What should I do in the meantime?

We work with P&Cs around Australia, and understand that you will need to have approval to begin a fundraiser or add items to your Uniform Shop.

  1. First of all, add School Ponytails as an agenda item for your next P&C Meeting. If you need further information or require clarity on anything at all, please call Nicola. With advance notice, we can arrange a call or video call in to your meeting!
  2. Once you have approval, just call or email us, and we'll get you started!

In the meantime, why not join us in our exclusive Facebook Group? 

Our school Uniform Policy is very strict, and some of the styles may not suit us. Can we limit the products made available?

We're very mindful of school uniform policies here at School Ponytails, and we can certainly be sure to add a note stipulating which styles are approved for your school.

There is always a reference made encouraging shoppers to check your uniform policy on your school's page. We can list styles that are approved for school-hours wear, just like in the example of Mother Teresa Catholic College.

Of course, the most obvious and visible option for reinforcing your dress code is to stock the selected styles in your Uniform Shop.

Rest assured that we will always have your product range set up so that fundraising earnings can be earnt across the board, particularly as many shoppers purchase for outside of school hours and extracurricular activities too.

Parents could make a purchase at any store (online or bricks and mortar), and they could select items that are inappropriate for school hours wear. By reinforcing your policy and preferred styles on the page, we hope to back-up your school’s position at the point of sale, which should go a long way to limiting inappropriate products at school.

How much is shipping?

Wholesale orders are shipped via Australia Post, and can vary by weight and size.

Shipping prices on our website apply to our retail customers, so any shipping discounts you see may not apply to wholesale.

Where possible, we will pass on our commercial shipping rates to you, so you're getting the best price available.

For further information, see our Shipping Policy.

We don't have a Uniform Shop, but we'd love to get involved. How?

It's becoming increasingly common that schools are outsourcing their uniform supply, and this means there's no Uniform Shop on site.

All schools have an Administration Office though, and these are often the busiest places in the school outside the classroom! Even our Uniform Shop stockists are known to place their display on the Admin Desk during the days they're not open. It just takes a friendly and open Receptionist who's willing to accept payments.

If you'd really like to have a stand at school, other options include a display in the Canteen, or a stand that comes out on School Banking Day.  Our stockists frequently bring their stands out for Sports Day or other market type events run by the school/P&C. 

If these options don't suit, we can operate an online fundraiser, and parents can shop through the website or through our optional printable Order Forms. It's free to register, and you earn 20% from the sales!

We're a P&F, and our parents pay a fundraising levy, so fundraising isn't for us... Can we still get involved?

No matter whether you plan on raising a fundraising share, a profit for your school, or funds for a charitable contribution, School Ponytails can work for you.

Become a stockist in your Uniform Shop, or register for our online fundraiser for free to earn a profit for your school, or for a charitable donation. 

We're all volunteers. How much effort will we need to put in for the free online fundraising option?

We work with P&Cs nationwide, so we completely understand that you have a mostly voluntary workforce!

With this in mind, we keep things as simple as possible.

  1. To maximise your fundraising earnings, we suggest to arrange Newsletter mentions, Posters around school, +/or Facebook posts to promote your fundraiser. However we do supply marketing materials, scripted copy, and graphics through our Facebook Group, so you can save, copy, or share as required! We also provide tips on post frequency and remind you of key dates to promote. This makes promoting a lot easier! You may even have a volunteer parent that can't come to meetings, but has access to Facebook at home, and happy to pop some posts up each term! 

  2. We supply a printable Order Form that you can print and distribute IF you choose to do so. 

  3. We aim to run one order cycle and delivery per term, which frees up your team for other tasks (of course, you can order more than once per term if you need to though!).

  4. We deliver your Pre-Order parcels labelled with your School Name, Child's Name, and Class ID, which allows you to distribute the parcels to classrooms or through the office for collection. The only products that we don't recommend going direct to children are the aerosol hair sprays - these need to be collected by an adult.

    That's just about all the "work" involved. Too easy!

Handy Links

Ribbon Colour Guide

Bow Style Guide

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Bow Size Guide

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Counter Unit Display Guide

Contact Details

  • Contact Name: Nicola
  • Email:
  • Warehouse location: Port Kennedy, WA
  • Phone: 0415 245 055

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