School Fundraising Terms and Conditions

Australian School Fundraising

A summary of the terms and conditions that relate to fundraising schools, by School Ribbons Pty Ltd:

    • Schools must be registered and have the set-up complete with School Ponytails before fundraising can begin. Contact to register your school.
    • Open to Australian schools, clubs, and community groups only. Where "school" is mentioned below, this can also refer to "club", "community group" as applicable.
    • Authorisation for registration and use of the school name from Leadership and/or a P&C/P&F/Parent Body representative, on behalf of the school.
    • School logo for use online and in print.
    • School colours (uniform and sport) confirmed by Leadership and/or a P&C/P&F/Parent Body representative.
    • Contact details provided (email, phone).
    • Delivery to school is only available to registered schools.
    • Shipping charges will apply if the collated school orders do not reach AUD$150+. Shipping charges will be deducted from any fundraising share earnt.
    • Delivery dates are set between the school's contact person, and School Ponytails.
  • HOW TO:
    • Shoppers browse their school’s range, add to cart, and add a fundraising code to the cart to activate the fundraiser.
    • To find the range: > Shop by school > Find your logo (or Select the state menu, and select the school’s name).
    • We MUST have the provided code placed in the checkout in order to track the sale. This can be found on the school's page.
    • Parents can add anything from our full store's range to the cart.
    • Sales are tallied at the end of term, and we send 20% of the applicable sales value to the school.
    • We will send an email requesting your bank details, and upon receipt, will transfer the amount payable within the following week.
    • Sales value refers to product sales after discount (ie. amount payable by the customer), and excludes shipping costs and taxes, and already discounted items (ie stockist orders at wholesale pricing).
    • The payment cycle is based off school terms in Western Australia, and operates from the Monday of Week 1, and ends on the Sunday night at the end of the holiday period. These dates vary term to term, but follow a “12AM Monday Week 1 – 11.59PM Sunday before next term” system. Payments are tallied and processed after the end of the period.
    • If the school has an outstanding debt (eg unpaid Stockist order), we are within our rights to withhold the payment until the debt is paid.
    • Bank details must be in the name of the School, Parents Association, Club Name, Community Group Name. Payments cannot be paid to an individual.
References to "I" and "We" above relate to School Ribbons Pty Ltd trading as "School Ponytails", "Ponytails and Fairytales", "Sports Day Shop". ABN: 82 620 201 210. 

    This list of terms and conditions relating to the Fundraise with Bows program is not exhaustive, and is subject to change at the discretion of School Ribbons Pty Ltd.