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Your club is registered to earn 20% from today's purchase of uniform colours on this page, as well as the rest of our store*.

As always, please refer to the club's website and documentation for up-to-date details on the uniform policy. Staff: find your FREE resources here. 

Settlers Netball Club, Baldivis, WA 6171

  • At the Checkout, be sure that your Fundraising Code is in the boxSETTLERS NC
  • Your Uniform Colours: Black, Royal Blue and Fluoro Green
  • Preferred styles as approved by your club:
    • Fluoro Green & Black & Royal Blue: Curly Ties, Ponytail Bows, Swallowtail Ties
    • Fluoro Green: Velvet Scrunchie, Basic Hair Elastics - Thick
    • Green: Coloured Zinc Sticks, Pom Poms, (Kiwi / Fluoro Green sweatbands for non-players) 

To shop, click the logo below to view styles: 

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Plain T-Shirts

T-shirts are available however are not included in the Fundraise with bows program. There can be up to a 7 business day lead time for t-shirt orders. 

sHEROes Comfy Underwear

Covered Button Snap Clips + Ties

School Bows in your colours ALSO earn your Club fundraising $$! 

Indigenous Colours

Rainbow Colours

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