#1 Way To Increase P&C Revenue: Fast!

#1 Way To Increase P&C Revenue: Fast!

Check your pockets: who has cash?
Any kind of "real money"?
I know I don't.
If I'm honest, I really dislike "having" to have cash these days, and I don't think I'm alone in this!?
Let's cut to the chase:

Maximising revenue is the aim of every business, whether your "business" is a store, school, P&C, or charity. 

So why do we make it so hard for parents to SPEND?!

The most obvious way to increase revenue is to reduce the objections to purchasing, and that includes those sale-losing words: "Sorry, I don't have any cash".


Don't get me wrong, there's still a place for cash transactions in the school yard, however at the Parent's Quiz night when there's raffles and other spending opportunities: make it simple for people to reach inside their pockets - and they WILL!


There's 2 simple options for you to go cashless, with low-no fees:


Square Reader | How School Ponytails transacts their "in person" sales

This is the easiest and (in our opinion) cheapest way to process sales, and track your stock, too!

Donna from School Uniform Shop and P&C: Resources and Community Group says: "It’s saved so much of my volunteer time trying to follow up payment and trying to reconcile the bank account. It gives me a report everyday to what needs to be banked in cash and I hit one button for payment reminders.

Also: no handwritten receipts! The receipt is sent via text or email".

Just connect it to a phone via bluetooth, activate your internet connection, and you're ready to take those sales.

  • Where from? Choose the Contactless and Chip Reader and you'll be supplied with everything you need to get going. It's about $59 and available to buy online from www.squareup.com/au with free delivery - otherwise check out Officeworks or Harvey Norman. (Prices and availablility correct at publish date). 
  • Sonia from School Uniform Shop and P&C: Resources and Community Group also recommends getting the $39 charging base: "It’s not “needed”, but it saves charging the tap and go and you always know where it is". 
  • Top Tip: mention you are from a P&C, and they may be able to reduce the price for you. You can only ask!
    • Square have a really great referral system: if you register your reader via the referral link, both you and the referee receive $1000 in fee-free processing*.
    • Issues for P&Cs: You can register with the referral code, but you do need to contact Square via phone if you are a P&C (you'll get a message similar to "we can not support your organisation at this time). You then submit meeting minutes with Point-Of-Sale approval, as well as President and Treasurer signatures. It can take about 3 weeks from start to finish.
    • Share the love: Why not share your referral code on your P&C Facebook page? For parents with businesses/clubs/charities that take you up on the offer, you both receive fee-free processing. Otherwise, the fees are fairly standard for an electronic payment system.

    2. PAYPAL:

    PayPal | Proudly accepted for School Ponytails purchases

    • It's as simple as setting up your email address (e.g. the P&C address) and then asking parents to log in to their PayPal app, and pay to your email address.
    • Paypal have also set up quick payment links for your account, so you can email a direct payment request to your customer, and they can pay immediately.
    • You may need to review whether your organisation qualifies for the personal (fee-free) or business (fee paid) rates.
    • The best bit about PayPal is that it's instant, and you'll receive a notification saying the payment has processed immediately! 

    Don't forget to tell parents

    When you're ready to start accepting electronic payments, let your customers know! Its as simple as saying: "we now accept cash and cards" when you're promoting your event.

    I know for me, that when I attend the next school event (or market, or charity event), I'm unlikely to have cash, and will be more inclined to spend if I don't have to stop and think before I pay!

    Pay it forward: Get $1000 fee-free processing

    If you'd like a referral code to activate the fee-free processing on Square, join the group and check out this post for a list of school P&C's referral codes! It's the perfect way to #PayItForward 

    Get fee-free processing when you register your Square device using another Parents Associations' referral code

    For more great tips on treating your Uniform Shop or P&C as the business it is, head on over to our Facebook Group to join in the conversation.

    This is not a sponsored post, we just love using Square at school and at work. They may change their fee-free promotion at any time, so check out their website for details. 

    - Nicola @ School Ponytails
    Last updated 15/4/19
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