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Ponytails = Fundraise with Bows + School Ponytails + Sports Day Shop — 5c Friday

How to run a "5c Friday" Fundraiser!

5c Friday fundraising school uniform

How to run a "5c Friday" Fundraiser!

This is such a simple fundraising idea that kids can get excited over - and provides motivation for the kids to vacuum under the couch or clean the car! Now THAT is a win-win-WIN! The fundraiser that requires little effort from you! You'll need a target - what are you raising funds for, and what amount is required? You'll need to set a timeframe, which is probably dependent on your school's size. You'll need a poster and to promote the event (e.g. on your school's Facebook page or newsletter). You'll need jars to collect the coins. Clean 3L milk cartons...

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