Sports Day Fundraising

Sports Day Fundraising

How to fundraise on Sports Day

I always remember Carnival Day at school: the excitement level was through the roof! The combination of dressing up in team colours, and mum and dad cheering us on from the sideline made it a day to remember.

School children and siblings dressed up to support the team on school sports day

Even back then, we begged mum to get to the shops to find t-shirts, hairspray, and zinc in our sports house colours, and wore them with pride on the school oval.

Nowadays, it's no different. Except now we're the parents... and we're finding that everything is sold out in our colours, and we're FED UP with the runaround.

Well... that's the case for those that haven't discovered shopping at Sports Day Shop.

Shopping from home, using AfterPay, PayPal and cards for secure checkouts, and knowing the colours are in-stock: it's a winning combination. Sending 25% of the sales value back to your school makes it an unmissable opportunity!

Check out the Sports Day Shop warehouse and range in this short video:


For schools, Sports Day is the PERFECT fundraising opportunity

It's rare to have such a huge audience to capitalise off.

There's parents and siblings on the sidelines, as well as the team mates and teachers on the field for one or more days!

Girls and boys in team colours for their school sports day - siblings included


The best P&C fundraising ideas: 

Watch: Check out the great colour and coverage on School Ponytails hair sprays

    NO risk + NO cost + NO volunteers needed on the day = WIN!

    Arrange a no risk, no cost pre-order of the most popular house coloured products like coloured zinc, hairspray, pom poms, kids sunnies, sports bags, socks, and sweatbands.

    Your school will earn a whopping 25% through the sales, which are processed through your special link online, or on an order form.

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    school parents association running a market stall for sports day - school ponytails


    Preparation is KEY

    When parents shop online (or on order forms), they make their own payments and save the P&C being out of pocket. To get it set up at your school takes a little bit of forethought thought.

    The ordering period is usually 2 weeks, and you need to allow for the items to ship to you too, so you need to get in touch about 4+ weeks ahead of Carnival Day!

    We'd hate to run out of your colours, or have a postage delay!! It's truly a case of: the earlier the better!

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    Don't forget to promote

    1. Advertise in your school newsletter and on your Facebook page that you'll be selling uniforms/sausages/face painting
    2. Provide price guides for parents so they know how much money to bring
    3. Let them know if they need cash or can pay by card. You can find out more about Providing Card Payment Options at School Events here.

    The shopping frenzy to find "the right colour" at "the right time" is upon us. This year, I'd love to see you bring the profits back to your school.

    If you love this idea, email it to your committee, Pin it, Save it, or Share it!

    - Nicola @ School Ponytails 

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