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Simple Classroom Christmas Gift Idea

christmas mum hacks

Christmas gifts are hard at the best of times. But what do you do with a classroom filled with 30 kids who will no doubt be coming home with 30 candy canes in each card?

Why not get crafty *quickly* and create Christmas crayons!

Christmas crayons are simple and easy to make. #mumhack


Our nifty trick does 2 things.

  1. it clears your house out of all those broken crayons and cafe packets that are laying about, and
  2. it gives the kids something to do that's crafty, and happens very quickly!

Oh and also, it keeps you away from the sugar-laced gifts, which surely means brownie points! *sugar-free brownie points ;)

It's pretty simple:

  • take all the broken crayons,
  • pop them in a Christmas-themed ice cube tray or chocolate mould (heat proof), and
  • voila: Christmas crayons!

Check out the "how to" that we LOVE here.

{BTW: 200 Fahrenheit is about 100 Celsius, and our top tip is to ensure crayon chunk consistency so they melt at the same speed!}


What about the teachers?

For your teachers, they will likely be coming home with 30 versions of "the world's best teacher" mug/cup/bag/etc, so why not choose something a bit unique - and actually practical?!?

DeFuze Australia make the coolest, most practical gifts around - and they look good too!

DeFuze Australia Quad Lanyard style

Using BPA free silicone, certified wood, and breakaway clasps on their nylon chains (e.g. on lanyards and necklaces) - and this means they are super safe for a classroom setting! - your teacher is SURE to be impressed with their lanyard or keychain.

    DeFuze Australia's bag tags and teacher's lanyards make awesome and unique teacher's gifts this Christmas 

The VERY cool thing about DeFuze Australia is that the products not only look great, they are locally designed, handmade, the business is run by 3 local mums, AND they are also essential oil diffusing!

DeFuze Australia's bag tags in caramel marble are only $6 and make great teacher's gifts


So if your teacher looks like she could use a little bit of an escape from those 30 kids after 200 days, maybe the perfect gift would be one that would at least encourage her to be chilled next year! 

Enjoy your last few weeks of Term 4, 2017; we look forward to seeing you with School Ponytails in the new year!

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