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Netball Essentials: 5 Things Little Netballers Need This Season

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As the mum of two girls, I get worried that I'm not a positive role model when it comes to sports. I don't watch games on the TV, and I rarely attend live matches. We're just not a "sporty house".

But some of the best memories from my childhood involve team sports. My parents always had us at basketball games, or baseball, or cricket - all games my brothers loved. Team sports always meant family time, and a really amazing atmosphere! Some of my best friends came from school sports.

No matter how doubtful I was in my court skills, I've always felt connected to the teams I supported. Whether we were on or off the court, getting dressed in the team colours made us a part of the game.

This is where the 2019 Netball World Cup could change our lives. 

In my "not-so-sporty" household, this is my chance to introduce my children a sport that showcases strong and athletic women, at the top of their game.

Sport Quote: Netball is a safe non-contact sport that emphasises Teamwork Skill and Communication


I love seeing the teams come together with their uniforms matching, right down to their hair ties and bows. It's that extra something that connects all the athletes, and supporters of the club.

This is my chance to show my girly girls that the uniforms and bows aren't just about about looking nice.

It's my opportunity to get involved with a sport that empowers them. I can show my children the value of being a part of a team. I can encourage them to give it a try by boosting their confidence so that they WILL try.

We've created something special for your little netballers, whether it's their first season, or they've been playing for a few years.

These tools support you in encouraging an enjoyment in team sports. Together, we can show them that girls have a place in the game.

Netball Essentials: 5 Things Little Netballers Need in the 2019 Season

1. Find a Team

Finding a local team for your little one is easy with Netball Australia. Check out their Team and Club Finder and read up on the programs available for different age groups.

Now you have a team, what's your colours?!

2. Know the Court Position Basics

    One of the first things to become familiar with is what each player does, and where they stand on the court.

    Supporting your child with an understanding of the basics of the game could be the key to building a confident little team player! We've created a Free Court Positions Map that you can use to walk her through the essentials before she steps on the court. 

    Free Printable: Court Positions Map | School Ponytails

    3. Game Day Checklist 

      Mums, we're reducing the stress of the weekly "Where's your shoes? Did you remember to cut your nails?" saga.

      Let's stop repeating ourselves, and give the control back to the kids with our Game Day Checklist.

      When they ask what they need to bring, simply reply "check your list". They'll be thinking for themselves in no time!

      School Ponytails' top tip: Print one off and place it inside a plastic sleeve. You can use a whiteboard marker to tick off each task each week! 

      Bonus tip: Be sure to keep all of your uniforms, team bows, shoes and bag together in a special spot each week, so it's quicker to grab and go! 

      Free Printable: Game Day Checklist for Netball | School Ponytails

      4. Netball Memories

        Preserve the memories of your little netballer with their own Netball Journal.

        There's space to keep track of team colours, team mates' names, special photos, and record little details from each game.

        School Ponytails' top tip: Print a page for each week of the season and you'll create a memory book to keep forever.

        5. Support the Team

          As you support your children this year in their netball season, why don’t you make it the best one ever with uniform accessories that raise money for your team as well?

          With the largest range of in-stock ribbon colours and bow styles, School Ponytails is a natural choice for little netballers.

          Fans can show their support and loyalty to the team too, with pom poms to shake, sweatbands to wear, coloured zinc to sport!

           School Ponytails' top tip: Send 25% of your purchase value back to your club when they register to fundraise.


          Get your Free Printables

          Free netball printables for junior netballers and team managers

          If your club is already fundraising with School Ponytails, or you've purchased bows to match your uniform colours, check your inbox for your free copy of My Netball Season!

          If not, grab your free copy today and give your little netballer a confident start! We'll send it direct to your inbox, ready to print.

          Before I go: There's one last thing that our little netballers need, more than anything else.

          It's the love, support, and encouragement from parents that is the keystone to all confidence and skill building. Together, we'll give our children the best chance to experience the team culture and values that being a part of the Netball community is all about. 

          - Nicola

          School Ponytails: Australia's most affordable, quality hair accessories for team sports 
          Netball Teams: Wholesale Pricing, Fundraising Ideas


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