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School Principal: Ban JoJo bows at my school!

fundraising JoJo Siwa P&C school uniform

We all know the rules: toys stay at home - they have no place in a school yard (everyone knows someone that's lost a Hatchimal... right?!).

Hatchimals were THE gift of Christmas 2016, selling out and sending parents in a frenzy to find one somewhere

But what about the extremely expensive, highly popular "JoJo Siwa" bows?

They're fluoro, and patterned, and sparkly, and HUGE...

Perfect for Cheer and Performances, but surely they violate your Primary School uniform policy?!

Bows banned at school

School leaders and P&C's instinctively react and say "that's it - no hair accessories at all!!" but there's another way, and I think you'll come to see that it's the smarter way.

jojo siwa and her dog bow bow in fluoro clothes and hair bows | school ponytails

Offer a better "JoJo" alternative

What about a more size-appropriate product, IN school colours, that lets the kids show their "individual style"...

all the while leaving their $20+ products at home!

AND and an option that matches the uniform colours they're supposed to be wearing?!

Big Bows

School Ponytails' Big Bows do all of the above. They're in-stock in a large range of colours, which means they're ready to ship throughout Australia and New Zealand.
They're the most affordable, high quality bows available, and match your uniform colours, uniform policy, and Leadership requests.
This is what they look like: 

Product-based fundraising opportunity

The P&C or School Uniform Shop can turn a profit from the sale of School Ponytails' Big Bows - and it can be done with no risk or cost to the school.

Our company will supply you with all the things you could possibly need to get you set up to fundraise or stock the range QUICKLY and EASILY.

Reinforce your uniform policy

Before JoJo makes you say NO to all hair accessories, think about how you can use this latest craze to reinforce your uniform policy.

It's easier to discuss what NOT to do when you have the perfect option for what TO DO right in front of you!

Perhaps the Big Bow look is not conservative enough. You can fully customise your stockist orders to only the items approved by Leadership.

Big Bows like JoJo Bows for school | School Ponytails


Our schools are seeing great profit returns from products that parents are already buying from the big box stores.

Why not take that profit back to your school, and your kids? It's really easy, we promise! Find out more

- Nicola @ School Ponytails
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