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Fundraising Challenge: Harmony Week March 15-21st

fundraising Harmony Day

Harmony Week celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about encouraging inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

Aussie schools participate in Harmony Week by encouraging students to wear orange throughout March 17 - 23, and some run fun cultural events (like International Food Days), as well as integrating Harmony Day activities in to the curriculum.


Wear ORANGE for Harmony Day. Purchase orange items for girls and boys from School Ponytails

Raising awareness of Harmony Day

It's simple enough to "wear orange", but you’ve got to follow it up with something else to make it count! 

It's a perfect opportunity to discuss in classrooms what Harmony Day is and means to us as a community.

We love the great selection of classroom resources at, which are suited to different age groups.

infographics about harmony day - school ponytails

Fundraising Opportunity

When you're raising awareness of a cause at school, and requiring a "costume" for the day, parents will inevitably shop for items.

This is were it makes sense for you to provide solutions for parents, and in turn, earn some money for your cause through your affiliation.

Your cause could be a charitable donation (e.g. to a registered charity), or it could be a P&C project you're working on (e.g. providing air conditioning in classrooms).

For Harmony Day, you could simply ask for the children to wear orange, with no donation required, and inform parents:


"For those that are looking to purchase orange items, you can do so through > Shop by School > Find our Logo. This affiliation supports our P&C's fundraising goals of raising $X for Y."

To make it a success, don't forget to communicate with parents:

  • Be sure to tell parents what Harmony Day is/means.
  • Always tell them what you're fundraising for.
  • Give them time to prepare.
  • Provide reminders.

    School Ponytails Supports Your Awareness Causes

    All schools that are already registered to fundraise with School Ponytails have orange items showing on their school pages right now. This makes it really easy for parents to shop, and for your school to earn 25%.

    We've provided marketing materials and resources inside the Harmony Day Fundraising Challenge on Facebook. You'll find:

    • Social posts, including posts on what Harmony Day is
    • Facebook Group Cover Page
    • Posters that can be printed and placed around school, or put in your Newsletter/app.
    • Order Forms (for those that would like to print and distribute them).

    For parents to shop, the directive is simple: head to > Shop by School to find your logo, or search by state.

    Get involved:

    If you're not already involved with School Ponytails' Fundraising Challenges, we can get you started in time for the next event: 

    1. Your school's P&C earns 25% through online sales, or pre-orders on order forms.
    2. There's no risk and no cost to your Parents' Association with online sales and pre-orders.
    3. Wholesale pricing is activated for optional Uniform Shop or event purchasing.
    4. There's something for girls and for boys!
    5. Resources are provided, to maximise your revenue, and minimise the effort required from your volunteer network.

    You can opt in here, but if you'd prefer to chat, you can book a call or send us an email.

    In the meantime, check out how other schools are going in our most recent fundraising challenges, and get your free resources over in our Facebook Group.

      - Nicola @ School Ponytails
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