F R E E  Printable Santa Letter + Acts of Kindness for Christmastime

F R E E Printable Santa Letter + Acts of Kindness for Christmastime

I love Santa Letters. They're one of the most magical experiences of childhood.

This year, we've asked our kids to write a letter and answer some simple questions - because buying for them is just getting harder and harder!

Next time a family member asks what the kids would like or need for Christmas, we hope we can give them some inspo! 

Free Santa Letter from School Ponytails - Australia's best choice for school uniform hair accessories

Acts of Kindness

We're also including some inspo for the kids too, with some acts of kindness they can consider while they're on school holidays. 

Perhaps they can tick one off each time they say the phrase: "Muuuuum, I'm boooored!". #FacePalm

Acts of kindness at Christmastime from School Ponytails


Download your free printable here (PDF)

While you're in end of year mode, don't forget that school bows make great Christmas gifts!

We're taking Back to School orders alongside Christmas Gift orders right now. Whether it's school bows, or something fun for everyday, we've got the lot!

  • If you can't find your colours,¬†get in touch¬†and we'll get them on pre-order for you.
  • If you'd like to get your school set up to Fundraise With Bows with no out of pocket expense,¬†get some more info here.¬†

Incase you missed it, you can find our FREE printable Teacher Thank You note right here.

Have a wonderful Christmas! 

- Nicola

Last updated May 2023
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